How to Take Care of Hair After Perms

How to Take Care of Hair After Perms

A perm is like a medal, which, as you know, has two sides. On the one hand – the desired curls, extra volume, neat hairstyle without much effort. On the other side are seriously damaged curls, which in 100% of cases need to be restored. Proper, gentle hair care after perms will reduce the damage from the procedure, will help to gradually heal and restore the structure of hair strands, to make curls lively and shiny. You can use professional cosmetics or folk “grandmother’s” recipes, but it is better to combine both.

What is perm and what harm it can do

Any perm, even a gentle one with the prefix “bio”, breaks the structure of hair. What to say about the classic chemistry, although modern preparations are less aggressive in their effect on the strands than their predecessors, which were used a few decades ago.

For the procedure, you can use different types of curlers. With their help, it is possible to transform hair into light waves, vertical spiral curls, beautiful volume buns or zigzag curls.

The basic element of chemistry is a reagent, which causes the straight hair to become curly. The result is fixed with a fixer, which can make hair 1-1,5 shades lighter. Some girls do not like this side effect, especially if they have recently dyed their locks.

But this is not the most dangerous thing that chemo can bring with it. Other effects of chemical styling include:

  • The strands begin to fall out more intensely. It is possible that if the problem is ignored, bald spots may appear;
  • Сurls become brittle, dry;
  • Сease to shine;
  • The ends after chemo constantly split;
  • Dandruff may appear.

How to take care of your hair after perms

After any perms hair needs additional care, because the composition makes hair drier, the ends of hair begin to split. It will help to keep the shape of curls longer and improve the condition of the hair.

  • Regularly apply restorative masks to damaged hair.
  • Restore the ends with special non-washing ingredients.
  • Protect your hair from direct sunlight.
  • Use rubber bands and hairpins less often, so as not to deform the curls.
  • Make periodic masks with natural oils. Apply them half an hour before washing your hair.
  • It is not necessary to comb your hair immediately after washing it, so as not to traumatize it.
  • Comb your hair with a wooden comb with sparse teeth.

How, when and what you can wash your hair with

The main recommendation for girls who have permed their hair is not to wash it very often. Any chemical compositions dry the hair. And while for owners of oily type of hair is a plus, for those who have naturally dry strands – a significant disadvantage. This does not mean that you can walk around with a dirty locks for 2-3 weeks in a row, but still, the frequency of washing should be reduced.

Shampoo is better to buy a special shampoo for the restoration of curly hair. He must be soft, with nutrient organic substances: essential oils, amino acids, proteins, keratin, vitamins. Optimally, if you buy special shampoo for permed hair. Different cosmetic companies offer a wide range of detergents for hair after chemical styling.

If buying a special shampoo after chemo is too expensive for you, find any other gentle remedy with organic ingredients to save the curls.

During the washing process after perms pay more attention to the scalp. Gently massage it with your fingers. The curls themselves can not touch or do it very carefully, so as not to provoke a premature straightening.

A compromise option is to rinse the shampoo off the roots and just rinse the curls with this soapy water, without using extra detergent. Regularly use a rinse: buy or homemade rinses.

How to dry your hair

Curls will thank you if you refuse to use a hair dryer, at least for a while. Hot air is an added stressor to chemically dried curls. Allow curls to dry naturally. Lightly dab your hair with a terry towel, but wrap it like a turban is not recommended.

You can periodically squeeze the curls with your hands, modeling curls. If you still need a hair dryer, it is better to use a diffuser attachment in combination with the cold blowing mode.

How to comb your hair after perming

The main advice here is the same as in the case of shampooing: not too often. Comb chemically curled hair should be combed with a comb with sparse teeth. Optimally, if it is made of wood. Metal and massage brushes are not suitable.

Wet curls after a perm should not be fixed. Wait until they are dry and then comb them with minimal pressure, starting from the tips.

What styling products you can use

Styling products should model curls, clearly separate curls from each other, reliably fixing them for a long time. Texturing creams, gels for wet hair styling after chemo, foams and mousses for curly hair are suitable for this purpose.

When you can dye your hair

Some masters, who choose gentle chemicals for curling, assure: dyeing curls is possible even on the day when the chemo is done. But the strands, of course, will experience the strongest stress of the two procedures. It is not worth rushing.

Can I color my hair after chemo – the answer to this question is affirmative, but with one condition: postpone the coloring of curls for at least 3 weeks after the perm. First the curls should be a little healed, restored, and then change their color.

It is better to dye the hair after chemo with natural substances: henna or basma. They contain nutrients that contribute to the reconstruction of the hair shaft and its strengthening. Tinting shampoos and balms cause minimal harm after chemically permed hair. Dyes with hydrogen peroxide can severely dry out already dry skin and strands. Coloring agents with ammonia also require caution. They are used maximum once in 2 months and kept on the head strictly according to the instructions.

How to repair hair after perms

It is a mistake to think that only those strands that have been burned during an unsuccessful perm need to be restored. Gentle care of curly hair is required in any case.

It is necessary to act simultaneously in two directions:

  • Minimize the damage of the perm by eliminating the effects of negative factors;
  • Reconstruct the damaged structure of hair shafts. This is relevant regardless of whether the hair is chemically burned or not.

Going for a walk in the sun, be sure to wear a hat with a wide brim. Use curling products that contain UV filters. After swimming in the sea, be sure to take a shower and rinse off the rest of the salt water. Hide the curls under a cap before you go to the swimming pool, because chlorine has a negative effect on curls. Less often use curling pins and do not use an elastic band to tighten curls after a perm.

Include fish in your diet or take fish oil capsules to strengthen hair follicles and restore hair after chemo.