“Erases” Wrinkles and Circles Under the Eyes in Just an Hour: How the New Trendy Procedure Geneo+ Works


Autumn is a great time to go for beauty treatments and help your skin recover after a vacation at the sea or in the mountains. It’s no secret that the sun, salt water, and wind often do us a disservice.

It is based on 4 apparatus technologies, the results of which are amazingly effective: oxygenation, ultra-sonophoresis, RF-energy influence and hardware massage.

The symbiosis of the technologies makes it possible to effectively address the causes of skin aging – hence the immediate positive effect

It’s based on 4 apparatus technologies which are amazingly effective: oxygenation, ultra-sonophoresis, RF energy and hardware massage.

The symbiosis of the technologies makes it possible to effectively treat the causes of aging, hence the immediate positive effect.


After the skin is cleansed, a Pollogen therapeutic gel is applied to the skin, containing active ingredients of natural origin. The dermis is then stimulated with the OxyGeneo applicator and the skin is actively oxygenated, blood circulation and the cell metabolism is intensified. The ingredients of the healing gel are intensively absorbed.

RF-lifting with the TriPollar applicator

For the procedure the brand gel is applied to the skin, then within 30 minutes the RF-energy is transmitted to the fatty subcutaneous tissue with the help of an applicator. The collagen in the dermis heats up and changes its structure, thus achieving an instant lifting effect. The temperature effect is constantly monitored and therefore there is no risk of burns.


This treatment stimulates intensive nourishment of the skin, moisturizes it and activates the vital functions of the cells. Ultrasound is used to deliver biologically active substances to the cells. This treatment uses the Ultrasound module, a special attachment for working with high-powered ultrasound. The treatment gel is applied as a specialized water-based therapeutic product, the ultrasound makes the cells move apart and the nutrients penetrate deep into the skin.


This treatment is completed with an intensive machine massage using a vibrating handle. The massage improves lymphatic drainage and actively removes products of metabolism. The muscles beneath the skin are massaged. The massage is performed with a special silicone vibrating nozzle and lasts 6 minutes on each side.

The treatment is effective in draining excessive fluid, especially from under the eyes.

A series of treatments can help to clarify the contours of the face, remove the double chin, wrinkles and puffiness.

How many treatments do you need

It takes just 60 minutes to produce a fresher, tighter complexion from the first treatment. But for the best effect, you should take a course of 6-8 procedures.

There is no rehabilitation period, and one can feel pleasant warmth during the treatment.

After the first 15 minutes of treatment may feel a slight tingling sensation, which soon passes. GeneO+ technique is safe for the skin and can be performed at any time of year.

Indications for Geneo+:

  • The presence of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Age-related ptosis;
  • Edema and dark circles under the eyes;
  • Enlarged pores and pigmentation.

Contraindications for Geneo+:

  • Cancer;
  • Any skin disorders: wounds, ulcers, eczema, various types of rashes, active acne, psoriasis or herpes in the acute stage;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Post-procedure care

Regularly use photoprotective cream and moisturizers.

A couple of days after the procedure, it is advisable to perform a skin biorevitalization to enhance the effect of rejuvenation.