Detox With Schuessler Salts

Detox With Schuessler Salts

Schuessler salts promote metabolism and banish cravings. They make beautiful and bring the body into healthy balance: For almost 140 years, many people swear by the 12 potentized mineral salts according to Dr. Schuessler. The homeopathic tablets also provide support during fasting. “Taken correctly, the salts act like doping for all detoxification processes in the organism,” explains the Mannheim alternative practitioner Sabine Wacker. “It is important that you also drink enough – low-mineral water is ideal.”

How Schuessler’s salts can help

No. 5 (Kalium phosphoricum)

You feel exhausted and still sleep badly? Salt No. 5 is said to help calm the nerves and improve the activities in the cells so that waste products are disposed of.

Taking tip: take 3-5 tablets at least 4-6 weeks before 3pm.

No. 6 (Kalium sulfuricum)

Enjoyed too much alcohol? Salt No. 6 is said to help the liver detoxify by improving oxygen supply in the cells and supporting the pancreas.

Taking tip: Take 3-5 tablets between 5 and 10 p.m. as a “boost” to regeneration.

No. 9 (Natrium phosphoricum).

No. 9 is said to help activate the metabolic processes in the whole body and to eliminate stressful acids.

Taking tip: 3-5 tablets daily for several weeks – largely avoid acid-forming foods during the intake period.

No. 10 (Natrium sulfuricum)

The mineral salt, also known as Glauber’s salt, can – through its influence on the liver, intestines and kidneys – help regulate the water balance and eliminate toxins. The digestion and also the skin appearance can improve with regular intake.

Tip: Take 3-5 tablets daily, preferably in the second half of the day, then the remedy works particularly well.

No. 11 (Silicea)

If the holidays were very turbulent, this can leave visible traces. Dry skin, wrinkles or brittle fingernails are then a case for Silicea. The salt is considered the No. 1 beauty remedy, because it is said to improve the elasticity of the connective tissue and strengthen the structure of skin, hair and nails, and it also flushes the kidneys.

Tip: Take two tablets daily before each meal and let them dissolve in the mouth.

Detox with Schuessler

After the holidays, you often feel dull and literally “oversaturated”. No wonder! The culinary sins, combined with the stress of deadlines and lack of sleep, are a real strain on the body and, feast after feast, drain the mineral deposits in the cells. Side effects of the energy knock-out: The body overacidifies, the metabolism shuts down and harmful waste products accumulate in the body.

Schuessler salts are a way to help the organism out of this one-way street. Even though our body cannot simply be cleaned like a slagged industrial chimney, the mineral salts are said to have some powerful properties.

Illness occurs when the body is imbalanced. As a homeopath, the Oldenburg physician Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler (1821-1898) knew that with the right substance, well-being can be restored. But the world of homeopathy with its many hundreds of remedies was far too complicated and cumbersome for him – he was looking for a reduced method. His goal: to be able to cure any disease with just a few substances.

Effective in small quantities

His research focused on the cell as the smallest and most important unit for all metabolic processes in the body. Its essential tool: mineral salts, twelve different ones in fact. If they are not present in the right proportion in the cell, disease is favored, Dr. Schuessler was convinced.

But how can an imbalance arise in the first place? After all, food provides mineral salts in sufficient quantities. Schuessler gave himself the answer with his theory: a stimulus disturbance in the cell blocks the absorption of the mineral salts – they do not get in or only to a limited extent. Schuessler therefore developed a trick: he potentized the salts according to homeopathic principles and sent them into the body in minute quantities.

Sabine Wacker, Schuessler salt expert and alternative practitioner from Mannheim ( explains: “So subtly the salts can penetrate the cell membranes and get inside the cell.” There they counteract the stimulus disturbance and restore the metabolism between cell and tissue. Schuessler salts are thus not a nutritional supplement, but merely a door opener, the expert explains: “The cell remembers again how its work functions properly.”

Use each salt specifically

Schuessler salts have very different applications. For example, the phosphate salts (Nos. 2,3,5,7 and 9) can stabilize the nerves and immune system, the chloride salts (Nos. 4 and 8) protect the skin and mucous membranes, and the sulfate salts (Nos. 6,10 and 12) support metabolism and digestion. Silicea (No. 11) works – so the expert explains – like a fountain of youth from the inside for skin, hair and nails.

Who would like to get rid of ballast after the holidays generally and longs for new energy, lies with a compact Detox cure from the Schuessler salts No. 6, No. 9, No. 10 and No. 11 correctly, says Wacker. For it six to eight weeks long the four salts over the day distributed take: in the morning No. 9, at noon No. 11, in the afternoon No. 6 and in the evening No. 10. (In each case two tablets before the meals on the tongue let melt).

Alternatively, you can use just one of the twelve Schuessler salts. If the scales just won’t budge, salt No. 6 (Kalium sulfuricum) might be the right choice. If you feel empty and drained after the holidays, you can try to replenish your inner batteries with No. 5 (Kalium phosphoricum). If the intestines are sluggish or the legs are swollen, No. 8 (Natrium chloratum) is the appropriate salt. No. 9 (Natrium phosphoricum) is said to be effective against flatulence and heartburn.

And which potency is the right one? For newcomers, the regular potency D6 is the right choice, says expert
Sabine Wacker: “You can’t go wrong with that.”

Even if the Schuessler salts are said to have great effects, they cannot work magic: “In addition to taking the salts, diet and exercise are also important,” says Wacker and recommends plenty of fruit and vegetables, few animal products, plenty of water, herbal teas and above all: a double cap of sleep! “With these important helpers, the Schuessler salts can develop their full effect.”

Increase well-being with Schuessler’s salts: How to quickly get typical detox side effects under control

Help for ravenous appetite: Instead of chocolate, use No. 7 (D 12).
Craving chips, pretzel sticks, crackers? No. 8 (D 6) counteracts these cravings. Dosage: Let 2 tablets melt in the mouth 3 times a day until the cravings are gone.

Caffeine withdrawal: When detoxing, coffee and cola should be avoided. This can cause headaches. Then take 2 tablets of No. 10 (D 6) before meals. In case of trembling, poor circulation or restlessness, 1 tablet No. 7 (D 6) before meals helps.

Weakness: The body is weak? 2 tablets No. 3 (D 12) in the morning and at noon give energy. If the mood is low, take 2 tablets No. 5 (D 6) at noon and in the evening.

Headache: Improvement brings the “Hot 7”. Dissolve 10 tablets No. 7 (D 6) in a cup of hot water and drink slowly in small sips.