Built-in bedroom furniture – to help lack of space

Built-in storage is a simple and convenient solution for the bedroom. Cabinets, located along the wall at the side or opposite the bed, will not take up much space, and thanks to the laconic design and neutral shades, will completely “dissolve” in the space. To, on the contrary, to add color to the interior, you can choose fonts in contrasting colors. Storage systems behind the headboard will create the necessary symmetry, focusing attention on the sleeping area.

When choosing the design of the bedroom, it is necessary to consider not only the external appeal but also its functionality. In small urban apartments, the secluded room is used for night rest and storage of many textiles and personal belongings. The most rationally to place all the household items will allow modern built-in furniture for the bedroom, these unique in its kind pieces of the interior have a special capacity and stylish design.

Whatever room in the house or apartment you choose – living room, kitchen, bedroom – I always want it to be bigger. But, as the character of “Woe from Wit” said, “there are different channels to get to the ranks.
Even though the bedroom is small, we can, with the help of built-in furniture, put literally everything that will be necessary in it – from the bed itself to the closet. The whole idea will be just the right layout and a willingness to experiment.

Pros and cons

Externally, cabinet and built-in furniture look identical, with small differences only in design. A distinctive feature of built-in furniture is the complete absence of the back wall, it is replaced by the usual vertical surface.

As a rule, built-in furniture is made to order by individual dimensions, the author’s projects, so it fits perfectly into the overall style of the room, harmoniously complementing it, or vice versa is a stylish element of the decor.

Advantages of a fitted bedroom:

  1. monolithic design – the advantage of fitted furniture is the maximum fit of all elements of the body to the ceiling, floor, and walls of the room;
  2. stability – all the details are fastened directly to the wall, so there is no displacement or overturning of the assembled elements;
  3. compactness – the framework can be installed in the most complex architectural niche configuration, where it is difficult to fit a standard model;
  4. capacity – a closet has the most convenient storage system which allows ergonomically arranging personal belongings, textiles, or shoes;
  5. economy – if the piece of furniture is installed in a niche, only the compartment doors are mounted, and behind them, the inner filling is attached – this significantly reduces the cost of the entire design.

Small disadvantages of an equipped bedroom:

  1. the complexity of installation – in order to properly mount the furniture it is necessary to have certain knowledge and experience, so the installation should be done by professionals;
  2. the impossibility of relocation – furniture items are made taking into account the peculiarities of a certain area, even in the case of disassembly, it is impossible to install the cabinet in another place;
  3. the need for repair – most often the furniture is installed for a long time, so it is attached to special particularly strong fasteners. After the disassembly of the structure will need to carry out small repairs.

A helpful tip for fitted bedrooms!

Before making a final decision on the choice of recessed furniture in the bedroom, be sure to research all possible proposals and replay all cases of use.
There are quite a few suggestions, but not all of them are convenient to use in practice.
This is especially true of recessed bed designs.

Types of built-in beds

In a small bedroom should be particularly careful to select all interior items. But even the most minimal set of bedroom furniture includes:

  • spacious bed;
  • a roomy closet;
  • bedside table;
  • dressing table or chest of drawers.

For the arrangement of spacious rooms, traditional options with a closet and a double bed are used. In a bedroom with a minimal size is difficult enough to fit a bulky set, so the best design solution will be furniture made to order.
If the room has a spacious architectural niche, it can be used to create a roomy closet. Built-in furniture is closed by convenient sliding doors, and decorated with spectacular mirror inserts, allowing you to visually increase the small space.

The glass front of the compartment can be decorated with a sandblasted pattern, label technique, or bright stained-glass pattern. A rationally designed storage system allows you to abandon unnecessary items of furniture, and store personal items, shoes, linens, and towels in the closet.

In modern studio apartments, most often there is no separate sleeping place, so the best solution would be a built-in bed. A spacious bed can be arranged in a niche or closet. Thanks to a convenient mechanism, the mobile bed unfolds quickly and without much effort. Properly installed lighting sources will help to create the most comfortable atmosphere.


For the arrangement of spacious bedrooms, designers advise using a stationary set. But in this case, it is necessary to respect the measure, the clutter of furniture items can cause discomfort and a feeling of constant pressure. The best option would be furniture, which has great functionality and strict, concise forms.

Arrangement of furniture deserves special attention, it depends on the comfort of moving around the room and the overall perception of the interior.

The bed in the bedroom is the most important piece of furniture and takes pride in place. It is recommended to have a window on the side of the bed so that there is natural light in the morning or at lunchtime. The rest of the furniture should be placed close to the bed. These can be bedside tables, dressing tables with a soft pouf, or a roomy chest of drawers with a mirror.


Furnishing a small area is difficult enough. Built-in furniture for the bedroom is a versatile and quick way out of a difficult situation. More often than not, compact, functional interior items are made to order.
The most popular design solution is the transformer bedroom. Compact design allows you to simultaneously create a spacious place for evening rest and a roomy storage system for household items. Modern sets are endowed with open-side shelves, closets of closed type, and a large mezzanine.

Two types of mechanisms are used to create bedrooms:

  • Folding – thanks to the installed pneumatic springs the bed goes down smoothly, and the stability of the construction is provided by strong legs;
  • Swivel-tilt – special swivel hinges help to create special ease of use. When folding, the small legs are hidden in the construction.

To furnish an apartment studio or children’s room, you can use a functional sofa bed. Built-in bedrooms – custom closets, custom built-in closets – https://urbanwardrobes.co.uk/services/fitted-folding-wall-beds

How to choose

A variety of models, shapes, and designs allows you to choose the best option for furnishing, so creating the interior of your own bedroom photo is better to study in advance.

An important role in the decoration is played:

  • color palette;
  • quality of material;
  • spotlighting.

To create a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, light or beige shades are used. Deep dark colors will add austerity and elegance to the interior. Psychologists do not recommend using juicy, unnatural colors in the decor – they will not allow you to relax and get a good night’s sleep. To make the room not look gray and dull, you can add small bright accents. This can be a motley rug, a picturesque panel, or a bedspread with a floral pattern.

See if the fitted bedrooms can give you more space

When it comes to fitted bedrooms, it is always followed by a search for ready-made solutions and their evaluation. But do not forget, you always have the option of ordering such furniture, as they say, “tailor-made”, according to your size and wishes.

First of all

On the upper level, determine what we will need in the bedroom:
a bed and, as they say, no comment;
Bedside tables or nightstands for the bedroom – very desirable;
a closet for linens and the most necessities – a must;
a closet for clothes – desirable, but it depends on the area;
shelves to have a place to put all sorts of things, a book, in the end – obligatory;
a couple of chairs – of course, it would be nice, but only if they are appropriate and will not clutter the room;
a small table, perhaps a computer table, an appropriate chair – it’s already in the area.

In the second stage.

If we have enough space, there’s no need to worry about the economy. It is better to concentrate on the comfortable placement of everything.

If we need to help with the bedroom, then do this:

  • be sure to provide a deep enough niche in the wall from floor to ceiling for a closet for clothes – if there is a niche, but not deep enough, then increase its construction of metal profile and plasterboard;
  • Let’s plan the space in such a way that we can separate a part of it for a closet, which will be created from a screen and shelves inside, as it was successfully done in our photo “B”, because here there is no closet as such – just a space behind the wall in which shelves and hangers are already organized;
  • We will make the shelves from plasterboard niches, and, contrary to popular opinion, the metal profile is flexible enough to create constructions of absolutely any shape, you don’t have to be “chained” to two coordinate axes “according to Descartes”.